#FactCheck - AI-Cloned Audio in Viral Anup Soni Video Promoting Betting Channel Revealed as Fake

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Jun 8, 2024

Executive Summary:

A morphed video of the actor Anup Soni popular on social media promoting IPL betting Telegram channel is found to be fake. The audio in the morphed video is produced through AI voice cloning. AI manipulation was identified by AI detection tools and deepfake analysis tools. In the original footage Mr Soni explains a case of crime, a part of the popular show Crime Patrol which is unrelated to betting.  Therefore, it is important to draw the conclusion that Anup Soni is in no way associated with the betting channel.


The facebook post claims the IPL betting Telegram channel which belongs to Rohit Khattar is promoted by Actor Anup Soni.

Post link

Fact Check:

Upon receiving the post, the CyberPeace Research Team closely analyzed the video and found major discrepancies which are mostly seen in AI-manipulated videos. The lip sync of the video does not match the audio. Taking a cue from this we analyzed using a Deepfake detection tool by True Media. It is found that the voice of the video is 100% AI-generated. 

We then extracted the audio and checked in an audio Deepfake detection tool named Hive Moderation. Hive moderation found the audio to be 99.9% AI-Generated.

We then divided the video into keyframes and reverse searched one of the keyframes and found the original video uploaded by the YouTube channel named LIV Crime.

Upon analyzing we found that in the 3:18 time frame the video was edited, and altered with an AI voice.

Video link

Hence, the viral video is an AI manipulated video and it’s not real. We have previously debunked such AI voice manipulation with different celebrities and politicians to misrepresent the actual context. Netizens must be careful while believing in such AI manipulation videos.


In conclusion, the viral video claiming that  IPL betting Telegram channel promotion by actor Anup Soni is false. The video has been manipulated using AI voice cloning technology, as confirmed by both the Hive Moderation AI detector and the True Media AI detection tool. Therefore, the claim is baseless and misleading.

  • Claim:  An IPL betting Telegram channel belonging to Rohit Khattar promoted by Actor Anup Soni.
  • Claimed on: Facebook
  • Fact Check: Fake & Misleading
Jun 8, 2024

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