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Your donation adds direct and immediate impetus to critical initiatives aimed at impacting millions of lives with a safer digital world. It is also a great morale boost to everyone who belongs to our community - volunteers, experts, partners and most importantly every vulnerable netizen like you.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting us, we really appreciate it! Here are more ways in which you can help us out:

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We deeply appreciate donations in kind as well. Even sharing software licenses and used hardware would be extremely valuable to our teams and initiatives.

Don’t worry, your privacy is of utmost importance to us! So in addition to a factory reset, our tech team will conduct a thorough sanitization of your pre-owned gadgets before we put them to good use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyberPeace?

CyberPeace is a global civil society organization, working to protect the rights of every netizen, everywhere. We work to help the most vulnerable with cybersecurity and cyber awareness and more.  

Thanks to the support of our donors and collaborators, we have been able to make a difference for netizens in need, to save, nurture, and protect the most vulnerable in cyberspace. We are active globally, and have helped sensitize more lives than any other organization in the same domain.

What does CyberPeace do ?

CyberPeace works to advance and protect netizens rights and to provide them with safer internet experience in CyberSpace. CyberPeace achieves its goals through education, protection and sensitization. 

Thanks to our donors and collaborators, we are able to be on the ground providing critical knowledge and delivering support to the most vulnerable online. We work alongside governments, other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and many other partners, to help ensure the biggest impact is on society in need and to reach netizens in the most remote places. And our work is only possible thanks to the unwavering generosity and commitment shown by our volunteers & partners.

Where does CyberPeace get its funding?

CyberPeace is primarily a United Nation funded organization. CyberPeace works with other collaborators on the ground through CSR opportunities and grant requests - which means 100% of our money comes from the social budget of collaborators.

Everything we do is funded by people like you, making voluntary contributions to ensure that CyberPeace can continue its efforts to save, nurture, and protect netizens everywhere in the world. For detailed information on our work and funding, you can see our latest Annual Report.

How can I make a donation to CyberPeace?

CyberPeace accepts online donations through multiple mediums viz- credit cards, debit cards and UPI payments on our donation page. Thanks to donors like you, we can make a difference in every netizen's lives across CyberSpace. Please visit Support Us to make a donation today.

Unfortunately we do not accept cryptocurrency or NFT donations at this time.

How can I work for CyberPeace?

Thanks for your interest in joining our team. We’re looking for committed and passionate professionals willing to engage in the challenging work of advocating for cyber rights, helping to meet the basic needs of online safety and expanding the opportunities to be more aware in CyberSpace. Check out current opportunities on our career page.

How can I find an internship at CyberPeace?

Our Internship Programme offers students the opportunity to acquire practical experience in CyberPeace's work. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply on our career page.

How can I volunteer to work for CyberPeace?

If you have a zeal towards social causes and are interested in long-term volunteer opportunities, you may be eligible for entry into the CyberPeace Corps Volunteer programme. This is a CyberPeace common programme that inducts volunteers for assignments throughout CyberPeace Verticals. For additional information on volunteer opportunities, visit our volunteers page.

How can I recognize online fraud?

Our organization acknowledges that there has been an increase in unsolicited websites and emails imitating genuine entities. All open vacancies at CyberPeace will be posted at our career page. Please disregard any emails that refer you to a different website.

All recruitment requests will be from a ‘’ email address. CyberPeace will not request sensitive personal information over the phone or by email.

Offers of employment or job openings with requests for payment of fees are fraudulent. The scammers' request for the payment of fees may come only after you have accepted the fraudulent offer. CyberPeace does not charge an application fee or any other fee at any stage of the recruitment process. Any requests for such payment or information should be refused. If you have already sent money, then you should report this to your local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.

CyberPeace adheres to Internet industry standards and best practices when it comes to ensuring your online donation is safe and secure. Unfortunately, online fraud and scams have become more frequent.

If you suspect someone has contacted you fraudulently representing CyberPeace, please be aware of the following:

  • CyberPeace never strands its employees overseas, and never expects them to pay their own transportation expenses.
  • CyberPeace never fails to respond to the needs of an employee who is sick or injured.
  • CyberPeace never pays for employee vacations, and does not handle travel arrangements via third party payments.
  • CyberPeace never solicits representatives to accept donations with the promise of a commission.
  • CyberPeace never participates in lottery awards.

For more information reach out to us on