Samsung's Cyber Armor: The Auto Blocker

Mr. Shrey Madaan
Mr. Shrey Madaan
Research Associate, CyberPeace Foundation
Nov 11, 2023

The more ease and dependency the internet slithers into our lives, the more obscure parasites linger on with it, menacing our privacy and data. Among these digital parasites, cyber espionage, hacking, and ransom have never failed to grab the headlines. These hostilities carried out by cyber criminals, corporate juggernauts and several state and non-state actors lend them unlimited access to the customers’ data damaging the digital fabric and wellbeing of netizens. 

As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for robust safety measures. To tackle these emerging challenges, Korea based Samsung Electronics has introduced a cutting-edge security tool called Auto Blocker.  Introduced in the One UI 6 Update, Auto Blocker boasts an array of additional security features, granting users the ability to customize their device's security as per their requirements Also known as ‘advanced sandbox’ or ‘Virtual Quarantine’. Sandboxing is a safety measure for separating running programs to prevent spread of digital vulnerabilities. It prohibits automatic execution of malicious code embedded in images. This shield now extends to third-party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, providing better resilience against cyber-attacks in all Samsung devices.  

Matter of Choice 

Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP & Head of Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasizes the significance of user safety. He stated “At Samsung, we constantly strive to keep our users safe from security attacks, and with the introduction of Auto Blocker, users can continue to enjoy the benefits of our open ecosystem, knowing that their mobile experience is secured.” 

Auto Blocker is a matter of choice. It's not a cookie cutter solution; instead, its USP is the ability to customize security measures of your device. The Auto Blocker can be accessed through device’s setting, and is activated via toggle. 

Your personal Digital Armor 

One of Auto Blocker's salient features is its ability to prevent bloatware (unnecessary apps) from installing in the devices from unknown sources which is called sideloading. While sideloading provides greater scope of control and better customization, it also exposes users to potential threats, such as malicious file downloads. The proactive approach of Auto Blocker disables sideloading by default.  Auto Blocker serves as an extra line of defense, especially against gruesome social engineering attacks such as voice Phishing (Vhishing).  The app has an essential tool called ‘Message Guard’, engineered to combat Zero Click attacks. These complicated attacks are executed when a message containing an image is viewed. 

The Auto Blocker also offers a wide variety of new controls to enhance device’s safety, including security scans to detect malwares. Additionally, Auto Blocker prevents the installation of malwares via USB cable. This ensures the device's security even when someone gains physical access to it, such as when the device is being charged in a public place.

Raising the Bar for Cyber Security

Auto Blocker testifies Samsung's unwavering commitment to the safety and privacy of its users. It acts an essential part of Samsung's security suite and privacy innovations, improving overall mobile experience within the Galaxy’s ecosystem. It provides a safer mobile experience while allowing user superior control over their device's protection. In comparison. Apple offers a more standardized approach to privacy and security with emphasis on user friendly design and closed ecosystem. Samsung disables sideloading to combat threats, while Apple is more flexible in this regard on macOS.

In this dynamic digital space, the Auto Blocker offers a tool to maintain cyber peace and resilience. It protects from a broad spectrum of digital hostilities while allowing us to embrace the new digital ecosystem crafted by Galaxy. It's a security feature that puts you in control, allowing you to determine how you fortify your digital fort to safeguard your device against digital specters like zero clicks, voice phishing (Vishing) and malware downloads 

Samsung’s new product emerges as impenetrable armor shielding users against cyber hostilities. With its new customizable security feature with Galaxy Ecosystem, it allows users to exercise greater control over their digital space, promoting more secure and peaceful cyberspace. 


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Nov 11, 2023
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