Let's keep the digital world safe. FOR ALL.

We bring people together, from the grassroots to the policy level players, to co-create CyberPeace initiatives and policies that make the digital realm absolutely safe, for even the most vulnerable netizens.

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We collaborate with governments, NGOs and diverse partners to lead pioneering CyberPeace initiatives, advancing cybersecurity and awareness across global and social divides.

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Civil Society
For socially conscious netizens & NGOs, we have curated the following readings that explore key techno-social issues.
Find reliable information, policy analyses and fresh insights about major shifts in the world of cybersecurity.
The internet is full of exciting opportunities but grave threats as well. Stay informed of all the recent developments in the world of cybercrime and cybersecurity!
The digital world is evolving rapidly. Stay updated on upcoming trends in online gaming, data privacy and more!

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Navigating the vast expanse of cyberspace requires more than just a global entity – it demands a united global community.

Through our ever-expanding volunteer network, we've been making remarkable strides towards our objectives, leaving meaningful footprints across the globe.

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