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Himanshi Singh
Himanshi Singh
Associate, Policy & Advocacy
Jul 8, 2023


A message has recently circulated on WhatsApp alleging that voice and video chats made through the app will be recorded, and devices will be linked to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s system from now on. WhatsApp from now, record the chat activities and forward the details to the Government. The Anti-Government News has been shared on social media.

Message claims

  • The fake WhatsApp message claims that an 11-point new communication guideline has been established and that voice and video calls will be recorded and saved. It goes on to say that WhatsApp devices will be linked to the Ministry’s system and that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms will be monitored in the future.
  • The fake WhatsApp message further advises individuals not to transmit ‘any nasty post or video against the government or the Prime Minister regarding politics or the current situation’. The bogus message goes on to say that it is a “crime” to write or transmit a negative message on any political or religious subject and that doing so could result in “arrest without a warrant.”
  • The false message claims that any message in a WhatsApp group with three blue ticks indicates that the message has been noted by the government. It also notifies Group members that if a message has 1 Blue tick and 2 Red ticks, the government is checking their information, and if a member has 3 Red ticks, the government has begun procedures against the user, and they will receive a court summons shortly.

WhatsApp does not record voice and video calls

There has been news which is spreading that WhatsApp records voice calls and video calls of the users. the news is spread through a message that has been recently shared on social media. As per the Government, the news is fake, that WhatsApp cannot record voice and video calls. Only third-party apps can record voice and video calls. Usually, users use third-party Apps to record voice and video calls.

Third-party apps used for recording voice and video calls

  • App Call recorder
  • Call recorder- Cube ACR
  • Video Call Screen recorder for WhatsApp FB
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Video Call Recorder for WhatsApp

Case Study

In 2022 there was a fake message spreading on social media, suggesting that the government might monitor WhatsApp talks and act against users. According to this fake message, a new WhatsApp policy has been released, and it claims that from now on, every message that is regarded as suspicious will have three 3 Blue ticks, indicating that the government has taken note of that message. And the same fake news is spreading nowadays.

WhatsApp Privacy policies against recording voice and video chats

The WhatsApp privacy policies say that voice calls, video calls, and even chats cannot be recorded through WhatsApp because of end-to-end encryption settings. End-to-end encryption ensures that the communication between two people will be kept private and safe.

WhatsApp Brand New Features

  • Chat lock feature: WhatsApp Chat Lock allows you to store chats in a folder that can only be viewed using your device’s password or biometrics such as a fingerprint. When you lock a chat, the details of the conversation are automatically hidden in notifications. The motive of WhatsApp behind the cha lock feature is to discover new methods to keep your messages private and safe. The feature allows the protection of most private conversations with an extra degree of security
  • Edit chats feature: WhatsApp can now edit your WhatsApp messages up to 15 minutes after they have been sent. With this feature, the users can make the correction in the chat or can add some extra points, users want to add.


The spread of misinformation and fake news is a significant problem in the age of the internet. It can have serious consequences for individuals, communities, and even nations. The news is fake as per the government, as neither WhatsApp nor the government could have access to WhatsApp chats, voice, and video calls on WhatsApp because of end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures to protect of the communications of the users. The government previous year blocked 60 social media platforms because of the spreading of Anti India News. There is a fact check unit which identifies misleading and false online content.

Jul 8, 2023
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