Ransomware Attack on e-Nagarpalika Portal

Soumya Gangele
Soumya Gangele
Intern - Policy & Advocacy, CyberPeace
Jan 11, 2024


A hacking operation has corrupted data on Madhya Pradesh's e-Nagarpalika portal, a vital online platform for paying civic taxes that serves 413 towns and cities in the state. Due to this serious security violation, the portal has been shut down. The incident occurred in December 2023. This affects citizens' access to vital online services like possessions, water, and municipal tax payments, as well as the issuing of obituaries and certain documents offered via online portal. Ransomware which is a type of malware encodes and conceals a victim's files, and data making it inaccessible and unreachable unless the attacker is paid a ransom. When ransomware initially appeared, encryption was the main method of preventing individuals' data from such threats.

The Intrusion and Database Corruption: Exposing the Breach's Scope

The extent of the assault on the e-Nagarpalika portal was revealed by the Principal Secretary of the Urban Administration and Housing Department of Madhya Pradesh, in a startling revelation. Cybercriminals carried out a highly skilled assault that led to the total destruction of the data infrastructure covering all 413 of the towns for which the website was responsible.

This significant breach represents a thorough infiltration into the core of the electronic civic taxation system, not just an arrangement. Because of the attackers' nefarious intent, the data integrity was compromised, raising questions about the safeguarding of private citizen data. The extent of the penetration reaches vital city services, causing a reassessment of the current cybersecurity safeguards in place. 

In addition to raising concerns about the privacy of personal information, the hacked information system casts doubt on the availability of crucial municipal services. Among the vital services affected by this cyberattack are marriage licenses, birth and death documents, and the efficient handling of possessions, water, and municipal taxes.

The weaknesses of electronic systems, which are the foundation of contemporary civic services, are highlighted by this incident. Beyond the attack's immediate interruption, citizens now have to deal with concerns about the security of their information and the availability of essential services. This tragedy is a clear reminder of the urgent need for robust safety safeguards as authorities work hard to control the consequences and begin the process of restoration.

Offline Protections in Place

The concerned authority informed the general population that the offsite data, which has been stored up on recordings every three days, is secure despite the online attack. This preventive action emphasises how crucial offline restores are to lessening the effects of these kinds of cyberattacks. The choice to keep the e-Nagarpalika platform offline until a certain time highlights how serious the matter is and how urgently extensive reconstruction must be done to restore the online services offer

Effect on Civic Services

The e-Nagarpalika website is crucial to providing online municipal services, serving as an invaluable resource for citizens to obtain necessary paperwork and carry out diverse transactions. Civic organisations have been told to function offline while the portal remains unavailable until the infrastructure is fully operational. This interruption prompts worries about possible delays and obstacles citizens face when getting basic amenities during this time.

Examination and Quality Control

Information technology specialists are working diligently to look into the computer virus and recover the website, in coordination with the Madhya Pradesh State Electronic Development Corporation Limited, the state's cyber police, and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). Reassuringly for impacted citizens, authorities note that there is currently no proof of data leaks arising from the hack.


The computerised attack on the e-Nagarpalika portal in Madhya Pradesh exposes the weakness of computer networks. It has affected the essential services to public services offered via online portal. The hack, which exposed citizen data and interfered with vital services, emphasises how urgently strong safety precautions are needed. The tragedy is a clear reminder of the need to strengthen technology as authorities investigate and attempt to restore the system. One bright spot is that the offline defenses in place highlight the significance of backup plans in reducing the impact of cyberattacks. The ongoing reconstruction activities demonstrate the commitment to protecting public data and maintaining the confidentiality of essential city operations.


Jan 11, 2024
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