Quick SMS Header Information: A New Feature by the Ministry of Communications

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Apr 18, 2024


The Indian Ministry of Communications has come up with a feature known as "Quick SMS Header Information" to provide citizens with more control over their messaging services. This feature would help users access crucial information about the sender through text message, therefore making the details readily available at their fingertips.

The Quick SMS Header service is the key to providing users with the feature to ensure that they are receiving messages from the correct source. Users can instantly learn all the necessary data about the sender of a certain SMS. This data is invaluable for making the distinction between real messages and suspicious spam or phishing, so the user can have a higher level of defense against online threats and scam activities.

Importance of Checking the Header:

1. Authenticity Verification: SMS header data represents another way to confirm the sender. This feature keeps the end user from wrongly assuming that the SMS is from a trusted source or an unknown sender. Hence, the end user is able to make a choice about the authenticity of the message.

2. Mitigating Spam and Phishing: The rise of SMS and phishing scams has created some significant hurdles for users in the process of differentiating between real and fake messages. Through the Quick SMS Header Information service, people will be able to look up any suspicious messages in order to be able to take appropriate steps to prevent links that lead to malicious websites or requests for personal information.

3. Enhancing User Security: The SMS header information plays an important role in ensuring that the user is secure and has no privacy issues.  The checking of the message headers will help us limit the possibilities of bad activities and reduce the chances of being a victim of cybercriminals.

4. Empowering Consumer Awareness: This feature is designed to encourage the people involved  to take responsibility for the security of their devices and establish a safer and more dependable digital platform.


  • Enhanced Transparency: By giving access to the header information to the users, it is transparency that is promoted within the telecommunications ecosystem.
  • Empowered Decision-Making: Now that users have information about the SMS header, they can make informed decisions regarding their communications and privacy.
  • Efficient Resolution of Concerns: The Quick SMS Header Information serves the purpose of providing the needed resolution by telling us the message’s origin in cases where users come across any suspicious messages.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With its easy and clear process, this feature caters to users of all technical proficiency levels, ensuring accessibility for all.


1. Compose Your SMS: Write a message with the header you wish to find the information about. For example, if you want to know details about a header labeled "SBIINB," your SMS should be in the format "DETAILS OF SBIINB." Note, all letters are in capital only.

2. Send it to 1909: Once your message is ready, send it to: 1909. Please note, this may charge you depending upon your current plan. 

3. Receive Response: The response to your SMS will be sent to you by the concerned telecommunication service provider or directly by 1909, a few seconds after you have sent your message. This response will have the data associated with the header above.

Another method to find SMS header information:

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has made a tool on the webpage (https://smsheader.trai.gov.in/) to check for the SMS header associated with the message. 

TRAI has also mandated header registration for messages pertaining to transactional or promotional purposes. This has helped people identify the SMS header by simply looking into the database as made by TRAI.


1. Go to https://smsheader.trai.gov.in/. The page looks like as shown below:

2. Enter your Email, Name and complete the captcha under the Download/View Header Details and click on continue

3. Enter the OTP received on your email with the captcha and click on continue

4. Now enter your SMS header in the format of AA-AAAA, where “AA” is your prefix and “AAAA” is your header name. For example, we have taken “AX-HDFCBK” as our sample header, so “AX” is our prefix and “HDFCBK” is our header name.

5. As soon as we press enter, the site returns the query with the information of the header, as shown below


The importance of checking SMS headers is something that simply cannot be overemphasized. This is the principal procedure for identifying incoming messages as authentic, and on that basis, the users are able to make informed choices about the messages they receive. It also contributes to the rise of user safety and privacy.

The development of more transparent controls and a stronger decision-making process will make it easier for users to handle their digital lives. The Quick SMS Header Information service is easy and convenient to use, as its interface is simple and understandable for users of all technical levels.

In addition to this, TRAI's attempt to make available an online tool for the maintenance of a comprehensive database of SMS headers strengthens its position towards ensuring security for its users in the telecommunications sector.

Apr 18, 2024
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