Towards a more inclusive internet

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The objective of the Internet Governance initiative is to make the internet a more open, secure, easily accessible and inclusive place, while also addressing challenges concerning cybersecurity, privacy and digital rights. The organisation collaborates with various stakeholders, such as governments, civil society organisations, technical communities, and academia, in order to formulate policies and strategies that guarantee a safe and inclusive digital space.

Group sitting

To foster inclusion, the foundation conducts Universal Acceptance (UA) sessions and workshops that encourage the adoption of UA principles and technologies. Universal Acceptance ensures that domain names and email addresses from all languages & scripts are acknowledged and supported by internet-enabled devices and applications. In other words, UA promotes digital inclusion by removing barriers to participation.

The CyberPeace Center of Excellence also works on a DNSSEC testbed and secure DNS. These efforts ensure the security, stability, and resilience of the Domain Name System (DNS) that underpins the internet. This includes a DNSSEC competition to encourage businesses and organisations to adopt this technology.

In summary, the Internet Governance initiative is driven to create a more secure and inclusive internet by addressing crucial issues pertaining to online governance


Certificate IV in Cyber Security Monthly Intakes November 2023 to April 2024