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Ranchi, Feb. 1: A month-long campaign to promote cyber safety and awareness rolled out in the state capital today.

Cyber Peace Month — jointly conceived by two NGOs Cyber Peace Foundation and Citizen’s Foundation — started with the launch of an awareness vehicle from a city hotel by ADGP of CID S.N. Pradhan along with Unicef chief Job Zachariah.

The campaign, which aims to make Ranchiites aware of necessary information and technical knowhow about Internet crimes, will also see talk shows and seminars at schools, colleges, university levels throughout the month. Special counselling sessions by Rinpas experts will be held for Internet addicts for a week. TV and radio shows are also on the cards.

Speaking on the occasion, Pradhan said information technology had its own pitfalls and soon, all wars would soon be fought in the cyber space.

“Only by maintaining peace in the cyber world and plugging loopholes can we maintain peace in the country and the world as a whole,” he said, pointing out that police alone cannot provide security against cyber crimes unless all stakeholders join hands.

Pradhan, the main force behind the state police’s Cyber Defence Research Centre (CDRC), maintained that the Internet had become a platforms for anti-social activities.

“More than 95 percent crimes in developed countries are happening through the Internet. India too isn’t lagging behind as we are witnessing attempts by hackers and anti-national agencies to dent the country’s security and peace,” he added.

Vineet Kumar, outgoing chief technical officer of CDRC who formed Cyber Peace Foundation to spread the message of peace in the cyber world, said a random survey done by them revealed that more than a lakh computer users opted for pirated software that can be dangerous for the state’s security