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Cyber expert and founder of Cyber Peace Foundation Vineet Kumar on ways to prevent misuse of social media

TT: Despite its many advantages, social media doesn’t look good when it’s used to spread hatred.  

VK: Social media is actually a boon. But users must understand its utility and be mature enough not to accept virtual to be real. There is a need for cyber education at all levels

What can the authorities do other than ask people not to spread or believe in rumours?

There are tools. Police in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh have formed social media cells that can do DNA analysis of photos posted on Facebook to ascertain their authenticity

But using social media to spread rumours must be treated as a cyber crime.

Yes, because it uses technology and the internet

You used to head Cyber Defence Research Centre of Jharkhand police. Can’t police block malicious accounts? 

It’s possible. We developed a system to monitor such users in 2010-11

You’ve been generating cyber awareness for many years.

I have seen several positives. But our country is yet to reach desired awareness levels. Only moral science teaching can develop a sense of cyber hygiene

You’re working on model cyber lab at DPS Greater Ranchi. 

Yes, it should help generate awareness among students and youths

In the time of cashless transactions, cyber crime is on the rise?  

As of now, everyone cannot be totally protected. But the government is taking a lot of steps towards it

Incidents of phishing, card cloning and the recent malware attack have shaken us all. 

Everyone should take certain precautions like not using pirated operating systems, not opening or downloading attachments from unknown sources. Everyone should back-up his/her data

Is our cyber security strong enough to protect critical infrastructure?

We are learning by experience and adopting required measures

Recently, you were in the US discussing digital policy and cyber crime law enforcement. What should India do? 

We have to take up futuristic planning and develop an ecosystem through inter-disciplinary collaborations among government, industry, academia and civil society