Technology, Law, and Policy Research Group

About the Technology, Law, and Policy Group

Since its inception, CyberPeace Foundation has been an organization working at the grassroots while undertaking policy advocacy, capacity building, legal awareness and outreach campaigns specifically in the area of building resilience against cybercrimes and enhancement of CyberSecurity. As an organization, we encourage our workforce to work on critical issues related to CyberSecurity, at various levels of the society. Over the years, we have accumulated a qualified team of policy advisors from technical, legal and policy backgrounds, who have worked on the ground level in assisting cybercrime victims, on collaborative initiatives with stakeholders such as governments, industry, other civil society bodies, law enforcement, judiciary, and international organisations, including the UNICEF and the NCPCR.

The Technology, Law, and Policy Research group is an initiative of the CyberPeace Foundation to leverage its expertise and experience from diverse fields and add scholarship and rigorous research, by way of white papers, academic publications, handbooks, and reports in the subjects surrounding CyberPeace. We aim to produce quality publications and findings with the help of learnings from our field level initiatives and the combined techno-legal expertise of our team, which can be found on our publications page.