New Online Game To Help Counter Cybercrime Against Children

New Online Game To Help Counter Cybercrime Against Children

New Online Game To Help Counter Cybercrime Against Children

In a bid to counter cybercrime against children, including threat posed by online games such as the ‘blue whale’ and ‘momo’ challenge, the government has launched its own game application. Known as the ‘cyber trivia’ app, it would include a set of multiple choice questions which will help the kids learn ways to deal with strangers on the internet, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) said.
“It is an attempt to teach these children in a fun way, what should be done if they are contacted by a stranger on the Internet who might ask for their pictures or ask them to do things”, Yashwant Jain, a member of the NCPCR said.

The game has been developed amid rising cases of suicide by children due to challenges like ‘blue whale’ and ‘momo’. It will soon be available on online stores.

“The children these days outsmart even their parents. They do not understand the dangers the cyber world poses and online games would be really effective. That is the reason we decided to develop this game,” Mr Jain added.

Sujatha Sharma, a child psychologist, said that the app is based on behaviour modification technique. “We use a system of rewards and punishments to encourage positive behaviour and discourage negative behaviour. It is a standard technique of behaviour modification therapy”. She said the game might interest younger children but to capture the interest of teenagers it needs to evolve.

Amna Hasan, mother of a 12-year-old said the app might act as a boon for people like her who are not technologically equipped to check their kids’ activities online. “It is very difficult to understand what the children are doing on Internet. If we ask them they think they are being lectured by us. This app might solve that problem,” she added.


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