Jharkhand cops set up NGO to maintain world ‘cyber peace’

Jharkhand cops set up NGO to maintain world ‘cyber peace’

Jharkhand cops set up NGO to maintain world ‘cyber peace’

In a bid to check the increasing trends of cyber war across the world, ‘Cyber peace foundation’, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) has been formed in Ranchi by Jharkhand Police to maintain cyber peace in the world raising a force of worldwide volunteers. The initiative is being taken by the Jharkhand Police in association with the people from all walks of life like media, medical practitioners and law enforcing agencies bringing them on a single platform forming a cyber bridge.

“As cyber space has become the fifth dimension of war in the world, on 26/11 last year, the day of terror attack on Mumbai an NGO — ‘Cyber peace foundation’ — was registered dealing with cyber peace raising an army of worldwide volunteers working for it across the world,” said Chief Technical Officer of Jharkhand Police Vineet Kumar. This is the first ever NGO of its kind in the world dealing with cyber peace, he added.

‘Cyber peace foundation’ is also to identify youths and organise a bounty programme announcing token rewards for the youths who have contributed in identifying the most critical vulnerability of any organization for the ‘Responsible Disclosure Programme’, launched by Cyber Defense Research Centre (CDRC) of Jharkhand Police.

For providing a platform to the ethical hackers for submitting the vulnerabilities which they come across about the affected institutions or firms, the Cyber Defense Research Centre (CDRC) of Jharkhand Police had launched a ‘Responsible Disclosure Program’ which, after evaluating the information will pass on to the concerned institutions. This was to help ethical hackers to evade victimization by the concerned firm or institutions on the ground of suspect.

So far about 55-60 cases of vulnerability have been registered with the CDRC in the last six months which are being followed by the cell. “‘Responsible Disclosure Programme’ is getting good response from all over the world but due to some technical restraints, we are taking cases only from within the country. The concerned agencies have been informed about the reported technical flaws, against which, some have taken prompt action while some others did not care to take any action,” said Kumar.

Reminders have already been sent to those who did not take any action after the vulnerability was reported to them, added Vineet. Though no reward is being given to the ethical hackers, some of which have really done a good job by identifying very critical vulnerability, it has been decided to take help of crowd funding and announcing a bounty for them like Mobile phone for the most critical vulnerability or T-shirt for the lesser vulnerability, added Kumar.

“As most of the ethical hackers are below 18 years of age, who are the most active lot on the net devoting time for ethical hacking, we are opting for bounty programmes to keep them encouraging without doing much harm on their studies and career,” he added.

As ethical hackers avoid reporting such issues as there are instances of offensive action taken against them instead of gratitude from the organization, a platform has been provided by the law agencies to these ethical hackers to remove mistrust between the two.

Source : https://www.dailypioneer.com/2014/india/jharkhand-cops-set-up-ngo-to-maintain-world-cyber-peace.html

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