Internet Shutdown


Internet Shutdown in the recent past has become a common occurrence. The communal riots in the district of Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) led to over a 15-day internet shutdown in June 2017. Due to varied reason, similar shutdowns were witnessed in about 11 states in the nation. So much so that over a period of 8 months, the Internet was shutdown 42 times (The Indian Express). With so many dependents on the Internet, the shutdown tends to affect life and livelihood of many. The 2016 internet shutdown in Gujarat led to petition in Gujarat High Court demanding restriction over shutting down of Internet, however the High Court opined otherwise.

Considering that Internet is an enabler of Fundamental Rights which is used to exercise Freedom of speech and Expression, the shutdown is a hindrance in practice of same. Ever since a need for policy to regulate the shutdown has been in huge demand. CyberPeace Foundation is working to regulate the shut down through policy advocacy and wakefulness of the Government.