Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (Formerly Located at Vasundhara, Ghaziabad) nominates four MBA students to participate in the workshop on Cyber Security organized by DELNET on 31st Aug 2015. It has been a great experience and wonderful knowledge addition to the students. The workshop has started with a welcome address by Dr. Sangeeta Kaur, Network Manager, DELNET, followed by inaugural address by Dr. Gulshan Rai, National Cyber Coordinator, PMO, Govt. of India and Dr. H.K Kaul, director, DELNET. The entire Addressee talked about the importance of cyber security and threat associated it. The inaugural session ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Namita Rao, project director, CPF, New Delhi.

At around 11:00 AM the second session started. Lt. Vineet Kumar has given a wonderful presentation on Digital Information Security where he briefed about the present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Digital India Project, how it would be and what security issues would pop up. He mentioned some special terms like bots, honey pot, traps, etc. where bots are related to robots, a system which can learn on its own. Honey pots are the fake sites created by hackers where a single click can reveal one’s user id, passwords, etc. to hackers. He also talked about the cyber security issues that he encountered and how he tackled those issues. He shared many case studies of cyber theft, email spoofing, etc. both in India and abroad, explained them properly and given us a suitable measure to tackle those issues.

He also gave presentation on risk assessment and information security where he talked about how much our personal data or information is secured in our laptop or mobiles or any other devices we have, how they can be stolen by fraudsters and what they do with them. He said that no device can be 100% secured, vulnerability is always there, we can only make things difficult to steal them.

After that Dr. Ajeet Poonia gave presentations on cloud computing. He told us the importance and utilities of cloud computing. He told that not only text data, images, videos, can be shared but also various software and hardware can be shared when needed. It is the cheaper source of hardware and software and can be very beneficial for an organization, as it need not to buy the software or hardware but can use them when needed.

After that Mr. Tarun, CEO, Innefu Labs gave presentation on Open Source Tools and Technologies where he said that most of the hackers collect information about their targets from their social networking sites, they follow their movements in the social networking sites and make their plans accordingly. Even to hack the sites of the big organizations, they first target the employees of those organizations and with the help of its employees account, they try to breach into their system. He also shared many interesting case studies.

Finally, the technical sessions ended with a presentation on Internet of things by Lt. Vineet Kumar where he said that with the introduction of the concept of smart cities or smart homes, etc. every things inside the home such as lights, fans, television, air conditioner, windows, cars, etc. will be controlled through internet from outside the home. Therefore, anybody who can breach the security system can have access to it. The security system of future will be something like biometric scan of fingerprints, retina scan, voice recording, etc.

The workshops concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Sangeeta Kaul and distribution of certificates by Dr. H. K Kaul and Lt. Vineet Kuma