Student’s Cyber-safety Awareness campaign

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Student’s Cyber-safety Awareness campaign
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10 March 2021


10:30 am - 11:30 am



The Covid-19 pandemic has created a huge disruption in our lives. In the past couple of months, virtual classrooms have become the new norm and digital media has become an invaluable tool for the children and youth to continue their learning. With the enforcement of social distancing and minimal interaction in public spaces, the internet has become one of the prime sources of information, collaboration and social interaction across the globe. Though it has opened up new vistas of learning and growth, at the same time has also exposed the young minds to new forms of risks with respect to their safety, security and privacy.
Responding to this critical need on the ground, Rajasthan Council for Secondary Education in collaboration with UNICEF and the CyberPeace Foundation, launched the three month long “Student’s Cyber-safety Awareness campaign” on 8th of February 2021 with the objective to create awareness, critical thinking, and logical reasoning and infuse a sense of responsibility and resilience among school going children, while interacting in digital spaces.

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