CyberPeace Alliance


The CyberPeace Foundation envisions to achieve its goal of CyberPeace through its initiative of CyberPeace Alliance which will act as a policy and thought incubator on CyberSecurity and issues like Internet regulation and governance.

To build resilient and sound international arrangements and to foster research in the field of CyberSecurity, the CyberPeace Alliance is one of the first initiatives of its kind. The alliance comprises of scholars, academicians, service providers and all interested parties on the Internet. The members meet from time to time with specific agendas and through a formal process to float ideas and mature them into workable models, be it technology, business, policy, law, economics, development etc. As there may be many facets that need to be looked into, like Online Crimes, Internet Regulation, Compliance, Data Protection & Privacy etc, the alliance does not define narrow subjects for itself, and instead focuses through events, discussions and research on specific issues that need time to time addressing. The Alliance comprises of equal participation from all stakeholders on the Internet indicating that a business process will never be left unattended legally and a legal process will not mandate what technology cannot enforce. The alliance is an extension of our belief and an initiative that is aimed at bringing the world together to start talking about CyberPeace.