Crowdfunding to the organization

Crowdfunding to the organization

We are a not-for-profit organization primarily dependent on Crowdfunding to garner resources required by us to work towards our motto of Global Cyber Peace and Safety.We encourage individuals and organizations to come forward and donate, in whatever proportions they want to and in whatsoever way they feel comfortable with, to help us materialize our vision of a Cyber Secure World. In simple words we are an organization dedicated towards the betterment of the society i.e. the betterment of the ‘crowd’. For the purpose of implementing our goals, any monetary help from your side will enable us function effectively and efficiently. Your donations would help our organization into taking one more step towards our intended goal. You may directlydonate to the organization through cash, cheque, demand draft or NEFT and thus sponsor our cause.

Provision for contribution:

The purpose of this initiative is to promote cyber-space harmony across the globe by making available the necessary technical manpower and other resources required by the society for the same.


We have the following provisions for organizations willing to donate

  • You can donate a one-time amount.
  • You can donate on a pay-roll basis wherein you could deduct from your employee’s monthly payment a sum of money that they approve. This money, being eligible for tax exemption, would not be less of a loss to them. This would also enable us to maintain a regular funding for smoothly running our initiatives.
  • You can donate a certain sum each month over a period of time suitable to you.


We have the following provisions for individuals willing to donate

  • You can choose to donate a one-time sum.
  • You can also choose to donate a fixed sum every month for any period suitable to you.


To make a Donation contact us at +91.9570000265 or mail us at [email protected]