Crowdfunding for CPF

We are a not-for-profit organization primarily dependent on Crowdfunding to garner resources required by us to work towards our motto of Global CyberPeace and Safety

Donation in form of knowledge

You do not necessarily need to have money to donate, all you need is intent. Your willingness and commitment is all that is required.We have this scheme of donations.

Donation in the form of Infra

Your generous funding helps us in a big way to efficiently carry out our initiatives. CPF also accepts donation of resources other than money.

Sponsor a Budding Talent

CyberPeace Foundation gives you an opportunity to give back to the society that has given you so much. We cannot deny the fact that innumerable talented children.

Sponsor an Initiative

Your contributions will make a difference to ‘global cyber peace’, which isessential for societal peace in today’s world. If a person or organization wishes to donate money to help

In Kind In Cash

Donating money is not the only way to help society. CPF welcomes you to volunteer some time to provide support for our social initiatives and donate your expertise.