CPF Newsletter – Aug 2018


A workshop for 580 freshly inducted women officers was conducted by Cyber Peace Foundation as part of an ongoing collaboration with the National Commission for Women for gender sensitisation drives across the country. A two hour long session on Cyber Crimes against Women- Redressal, Technology and Investigations was conducted by Nitish Chandan from CPF.

Fresh inductees shared their opinions about technology and cyber crime and shared local experiences with global issues. Post our session with the participants, the officials requested for a continuation of the session post lunch to dwell into the nuances of cyber crime investigations as well which was very well received


Cyber Peace Foundation conducted a two day workshop for two batches of police officers of the Hyderabad City Police. The workshop was organised by Change.org in collaboration with ChangeMantras specifically on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Nitish Chandan from CPF trained officers in two hour sessions on the nexus of technology and commercial sexual exploitation of children. We also presented some alarming research on demand of Child Sexual Abuse Material in India, specifically Hyderabad which was very shockingly received by officers and media alike that led to a follow up article on the subject by TheNewsMinute.

Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad and other senior officials attended the workshop and specifically highlighted the need to tackle commercial sexual abuse of children happening through the online platforms. Post workshop, officials showed keen interest in collaborating with CPF through a short term engagement for which a follow up plan was also created and submitted to them.


A training workshop for 200 police officers of the Uttarakhand Police was conducted by CPF on 20th July 2018. This workshop was also part of the ongoing collaboration for gender sensitization workshops with the National Commission for Women. Nitish Chandan from CPF conducted the training on issues of cyber crimes against women where he dealt with case studies, modus operandi and expanse of technology in aiding crimes against women. We highlighted the issues that surround rapid technology adaptation by citizens owing to lack of basic awareness and their exploitation by criminals to commit traditional crimes in more sophisticated manners.


We kick started the Digital Shakti Programme on 24th and 25th July at Chitkara University which has been undertaken in collaboration with Facebook and National Commission for Women. More than 400 college girls from disciplines of Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy etc. participated in the workshops on the two days where we talked about Digital Literacy and Online safety for them. Roshi Jamwal, Janice Verghese, Purnendu Singh and Nitish Chandan from CPF conducted the training. This led to excellent feedback collection from the participants and case studies as well.


Third workshop under the Digital Shakti Campaign was conducted at the Government PG College for Women in Panchkula on 27th July 2018. Out of the total 300, most of the girls in the college were from humble rural backgrounds with very minimal understanding of technology and safety as such but were still frequent users of major platforms. Interesting observations were made about lack of awareness among girls about the basic reporting features and resolution of issues. The workshop was conducted by Nitish Chandan and Purnendu Singh


Fourth workshop under the Digital Shakti Campaign was conducted at Government PG College in Panchkula with 100 college girls. It was conducted by Nitish Chandan and Purnendu Singh

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We participated in a workshop by WhatsApp on understanding ground issues with false information and user awareness in India. Vineet Kumar, Purnendu Singh and Nitish Chandan from CPF participated in the workshop where we designed activities and content for user awareness. Along with the inclusion of the content in existing training programs, we created a spontaneous activity for App feature awareness led by Purnendu Singh which was so widely appreciated and liked by the entire group and audience that the videographed activity was proposed to be used directly across WhatsApp training programs.

Community Engagement
Hackathon in GD Goenka

Student Hackathons are a great destinations for students to get their hands dirty on live projects that they beleive in. Hackathons have grown to become a global student movement by fast tracking the software &hardware development process, hackathons provide students with valuable technical skills they will need in their future careers. Students learn by doing and finishing with a final project that the potential project to turn into business. Collaborating in a high stakes environment, students learn how to work effectively on a team. Students meet like-minded peers from around the world and also have a chance to interact with professional engineers and recruiters. Their new motivation and creativity remains after the hackathon, as hacker culture grows and a more diverese array of students travel to other collegiate hackathons to make new friends and win prizes.

The Cyber Peace Foundation conducted a hackathon in GD Goenka, Vasant Kunj on 13th July 18. A bountonniere of engaging and intresting activities were organised and this was held parallel to the ‘Computer Week’ that the school was celebrating. Six teams with four to six members each from the age group 14 to 18 participated. The students were asked to suggest ways to fight cybercrimes, promote sustainable development and promote gender equality among other topics. The students came up with innovative ideas to help build awareness and fight for these issues. This was a first of its kind event in the school which was greatly enjoyed by both students and teachers. From creating apps to games to proposing a non-corruptible search engine, the event saw revolutionary ideas from young minds. The competition proved to be a platform for young citizens to propose innovative ideas to make this world a better and safer place.

Sessions on Digital Safety and Cyber-awareness were also held in classes. A total of 5 sessions were conducted in the school for classes 7, 9 and 11. The students were very interactive and were told about the threats they face when they are online, how they can safeguard their online presence and what they can do if things go wrong.

Around 100 students were covered in the sessions. The event turned out to be fruitful for all who attended.

Large no. of students engaged in collaborative computer programming  during the Hackathon, which marked the end of a week long Computer Fest. In the hackfest event, the students were enthusiatically involved in software development, including graphic designing, interface designing, project managing on the topics. The hackathon gave them a unique opportunity to merge their creative ideas with their technical skills to build something new and exemplary.

Meeting with Instagram

Cyber Peace Foundation conducted a meeting with Instagram on 16th July, 2018. Tara Bedi,  an Instagram Representative expressed her views on how she wants Instagram to collaborate with CPF. The meeting specifically revolved around Tools , privacy settings,  Cyber Moms. She also gave us an insight on the Resource Centres of Instagram , their partners- itsoktotalk & social samosa. The fact that Lynching is done because of forward messages and fake news was a highlight of the meeting. They expressed their intrest in integrating with CPF on Digital Literacy.

Intern Speak

My name is Abhishek Suran and i am pursuing my B-Tech in computer science from BHARAT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MEERUT). Being a computer science student , i tried to gain knowledge from all resources that were available. One day i got opportunity to join summer internship at CYBER PEACE FOUNDATION . Being an intern at CPF is like an opportunity to show your skills to top level people in the industry. I am thankful to Anand sir (my mentor) and CPF team for guiding me and showing me the right path and giving me an opportunity to work for CPF on LATENCY PROJECT. This project has taught me many things like taking responsibility , working as a team , my weak and strong points etc .

Thank you ,

Abhishek Suran

(Intern at CPF)


My name is Kanwaljit Singh and I’m pursuing my Bachelors in CS with Spl. in Cloud Computing from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. Being a software engineering student, I endeavoured to pick up information from all assets that were available.During my late summer I got a chance to join a internship at Cyber Peace Foundation.Being a intern at CPF resembles a chance to demonstrate your abilities to top level individuals in the industry.I’m appreciative to Anand Raje Sir as my mentor and CPF group for directing me and demonstrating to me the correct way and giving me a chance to work for CPF on Latency Project.I have learn the new technologies during implementation of this Latency Project and furthermore got the idea of it’s significance in current digital era.We have built a Latency Probe Analyser tool that can help the various organisations in their future plans to check their application performance for it’s end users.Moreover, this intern has shown me numerous things like taking responsibility, working as a team, giving work on due dates and so on.

Print Media Coverage

An article written by Nitish Chandan from CPF was published on the Deccan Chronicle on the rising problem of fake news on the Internet.