Child And Women


With internet gaining popularity, an exponential rise in crimes again women and children have been witnessed. A survey by Microsoft revealed that India ranks third in the number of cyberbullying cases amongst children. The tragic part is children dread their parents and do not inform them about being bullied. They continue to suffer alone silently. Women, on the other hand, are victims of crimes like stalking, identity theft, revenge porn etc. Sensitisation of women and children is, therefore, the need of the hour. Cyber Peace Foundation under various initiatives like iSafe Alliance, Cyber Mom, e-Raksha, Cyber Clinic, Internet De-Addiction, Cyber Security Helpline, etc. constantly strives to reach out to women and children in order to create awareness about online safety.

Our initiatives are targeted at building capacity and empowering citizens not just on online safety but resilience and responsible online behaviour as well. We actively deal with cases and help victims on different fronts like law enforcement support, counselling, techno-legal help etc.