Child And Women


With internet gaining popularity, an exponential rise in crimes against
women and children have been witnessed. A survey by Microsoft revealed that India ranks third in the number of cyberbullying cases amongst children. The tragic part is children dread their parents and do not inform them about being bullied. They continue to suffer alone silently. Women, on the other hand, are victims of crimes like stalking, identity theft, revenge porn etc. Sensitisation of women and children is, therefore, the need of the hour. CyberPeace Foundation under various initiatives like iSafe Alliance, Digital Shakti, e-Raksha, Cyber Clinic, Internet De-Addiction, CyberSecurity Helpline, etc. constantly strives to reach out to women and children in order to create awareness about online safety.

Our initiatives are targeted at building capacity and empowering citizens not just on online safety but resilience and responsible online behaviour as well. We actively deal with cases and help victims on different fronts like law enforcement support, counselling, techno-legal help etc.



CyberPeace foundation’s endeavor “eRaksha” while identifying the need for an ecosystem that along with addressing the vital security concerns faced by global netizens today, also imbibes the sense of entrepreneurship and innovation amongst our successors, is an integrated approach to revolutionary innovations and smoothening the transition towards Startup culture. It serves to be first of its kind initiative which shall not only bridge the gap between students and industry requirement, but also ensure adaptability to new technologies and security measures for skilled professionals.

Digital Shakti


It is not possible most 21st century citizens to spend a day without their smartphones today. This has enabled opportunities and threats like never before and in ways unimaginable. With no bar on age and geography, each netizen faces this urgent need to be aware and resilient to make the full use of technology while staying safe. To tackle issues, having security features and laws in place is of no use as long as citizens are unaware of how these are to be used to create a peaceful and safe environment online.

It has been found that cybercrimes and threats to women online are rising by the day, so that they are the prime targets of some sensitive crimes like revenge pornography and sextortion. Reasons causing this are not only economical, but also social and cultural, that prevent women from using the internet and issues like trolling that pop up when one uses it too often. With the development of a more advanced and digital age , it is of paramount importance to break this gender divide and create awareness among internet users, to help curb the threats and problems associated with the internet and its usage, and also pave a path to reap the benefits of these great technological advancements.

In this endeavour, CyberPeace Foundation has partnered with the National Commission for Women (NCW) and Facebook to empower Indian women and make them digitally literate through the Digital Shakti Programme. It was launched on 18th June, 2018 at Punjab University in Chandigarh. The event was graced by Prof Kaptan Singh Solanki, Hon’ble Governor of Haryana.

Cyber Clinic


Cyber clinic is an initiative by CyberPeace foundation in improving the digital warfare sectors by providing them with healthy cyber check ups

Cyber Security Helpline


An initiative to provide assistance to the victims of incidents and crime, CPF operates a helpline service which may be accessed via email ([email protected]) , over phone or even WhatsApp (+919570000066).

In case you’ve been affected by an incident on the internet like hacking, theft of personal data, online extortion, financial cybercrime etc., Our helpline representatives can help you with guidance for the right recourse at your location.