CyberPeace Research Center / Centre of Excellence

CyberPeace Research Center / Center of Excellence (CoE)

CyberPeace Research Center / Center of Excellence(CoE), formerly know as E-Raksha Reseach Center is a  ‘Community Driven Collaborative Open Source Framework for Research and Development’ for academia.

The idea is to bring together loosely coupled engineering research groups on cyber space specifically cybersecurity. It’s an end-to-end framework for cybersecurity research which will have working groups, open source repository and a collaboration platform, first of its kind developed by the community for the community.

Our Vision is to create a bed of research in academic organisations comprising of participation from academia, industry, government and civil society organizations to nurture and support ideas and solutions and develop innovations in cyber space through research. The aim is to address and solve the challenges and problems in the cyber space, thereby making cyber space stable and safe for everyone. The CyberPeace CoE is a plug and play model of research and innovation in academic campus wherein the participant (Industry, Government, Civil Society Organization, Individual) join hands for innovation and research.  Having said that the idea is to get the problem statements from the participants and develop solutions utilizing the academic resources.

The COE is formed within any academic organization comprising the team from the academic organization (students, professors) who will work with the support of CPF COE team and they carry out research on the problem statements which can come from Industry, Academia, Government or any other source.

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