Cyber Peace Corps

13 Mar 2018

A friendly hand in virtual maze

Jamshedpur: The Internet is a blessing, but with trolls, polarised views, finance scams, revenge porn, body shaming, fake news and other dangers, it can also be a dark place. To make Internet users responsible and aware, Ranchi-based Cyber Peace Foundation has come up with a solution, Cyber Peace Corps. Through volunteers, Cyber Peace Corps, set up …

12 Mar 2018

Is it time for a Cyber Peace Corps?

Hackers around the world are attacking targets as diverse as North Dakota’s state government, the Ukrainian postal service and a hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. Unfortunately, many governments – in the developing world, and even cash-strapped states and local communitiesin the United States – lack the skills to effectively protect themselves. The U.S. has an opportunity to serve itself and the world by …