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Support our specialised capacity building and training programs for training and up-skilling 10 volunteers for our community initiatives: awareness, technical aid, legal help, practical online safety sessions etc.

In order to further the mission of online safety and cyber peace across the globe, a trained group of volunteer force needs to be created. In this mission, we keep organising technical and legal training workshops for volunteers throughout the country. These volunteers are mostly the youth who have a passion for social work or professionals with the passion of devoting some time to help netizens and victims of cyber crime. We equip them with resources, processes and tools to help people on call in different parts of the country. Help us in creating this skilled task force of volunteers in the country.

Cost per workshop for 10 people: INR 5000
Travel Cost for trainer- 1000
Venue: 2000
Refreshments for participants- 1000
Presentation and other logistics- 500
Stationery and printing- 500

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Donation Total: ₹5,000.00