We believe in the power of research and academics. Development in any field is tremendously fueled by researchers and professionals who toil in their scholarly years. To facilitate this, CPF works with a large number of academic institutions across the nation where it has launched initiatives such as CyberPeace Clubs, CyberPeace Corps etc. CPF periodically conducts capacity building sessions for students, teachers on focus areas. To further support the institution and engage the students, CPF also provides resources to support the interest of students in the field of cybersecurity and cyber law, offer internships, conducts national-international competitions, promotes research and offers facility for reporting and mentoring to a victim of cybercrime.

Sri Sri School of CyberPeace

CyberPeace Foundation and Sri Sri University have joined hands for “Infusing CyberPeace in cyberspace”. The first step towards this goal is the launch of School of CyberPeace.with an aim to help strengthen the global CyberPeace Ecosystem through research and innovation focused educational framework in sync with the Academia CyberPeace Ecosystem (ACE) initiative by the CyberPeace Foundation.

The ACE initiative will help bridge the gap between the academia and the industry by the uplifted academic curriculum catering to the up- to- date and advanced skill- set in the areas of cybersecurity, CyberPeace, cyber defence, cyber policy & standards and the digital forensics, infrastructure security, block chain, IOT security etc.

For information about UG and PG Co-Branded Courses with specialization in Cybersecurity visit:

sri sri school of cyberpeace